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  • Writer's pictureMona Wilson

Getting Organized in the New Year

2019 IS OUR YEAR! Let's make it as easy on ourselves to succeed as possible! When we de-clutter our homes and offices, we open up new mental bandwidth to tackle other goals. Below are a few helpful tips for the biggest clutter culprits: the kitchen and closets!

The Basics

It seems like everyone is going Marie Kondo crazy after her Netflix special, Tidying Up, debuted.

I love her method of asking whether or not a belonging "sparks joy." If it does, we keep it, if it doesn't we thank it and set is aside for charity or the dustbin. 

It doesn't have to be a complicated process or a big to do. Just a simple question and answer. When we have this tool practiced and under our belts, tidying up is a breeze.


The kitchen can be a nightmare for a lot of families, especially with little ones in tow. Everyone has a packed schedule and while you might have time to cook and clean, putting everything in its home may be a bit of a challenge. 

Step 1 | Pull It All Out

We're talkin' cupboards, shelves, drawers, that weird spot under the oven that houses all your sad old pans. All of it. Then go through and toss or donate whatever isn't frequently used.

Step 2 | Organize

Place everything in similar piles. Glassware, pots, pans, snacks, etc. Once everything is sectioned off into groups, stop and consider the space in your kitchen and what makes sense from a workflow perspective. Pieces for cooking, baking, and utensils should be kept close to where you do food prep. Glassware should be near the sink or refrigerator. 

Step 3 | Save Space 

There are so many smart gadgets that will keep your kitchen looking fabulous. Below are some of my favorite. The most important takeaways are to make good use of vertical space, use clear containers, and for the love of Pete, don't keep Tupperware without lids!

Clear Containers

These ones are stackable and dishwasher safe. When you use clear containers, you never have to shake a mostly-empty cereal box container again, my friends. And that's a beautiful thing.

Vertical Space

Any time you can hang something and it looks this cute, you're doing the right thing. These mug hooks are a great way to free up space in your cabinets.

Drawer Dividers

These are the bread and butter of kitchen organization. Know them, love them, use them. When you compartmentalize, everything has a home. When everything has a home, your kitchen won't look like WW3 after a family meal.


Here's our next mountain to climb! Depending on how often we tidy (I like to do a thorough closet-crusade twice a year), we can end up with a LOT of clothing. Maybe it's a pair of pants we love but can't quite fit into anymore or a hideous sweater from mom left over from a holiday gone by. No matter what's lurking in the recesses of your closet, these tips can help.

Step 1 | Pull It All Out ...Again

Same idea as the kitchen. We want everything out of the closet. Clothes, shoes, sarongs, that sequins shoulder-padded power jacket that made you look like a linebacker going to get their Glamour Shots in 1982. All of it.

Step 2 | Organize

Place everything in a pile on your bed. Or if your particular mountain of clothing is more like an Everest, you can put it on the floor. Go through each item individually and ask yourself if it sparks joy (thanks, Marie). Or if that's too weird, ask yourself "Do I like this?", "Do I wear this?", "Is this the look that I want to portray?".

Step 3 | Save Space 

Once you've parted with the items that no longer serve you, be mindful of how you're going to put everything back in. Perhaps seasonal items can be stored in a tub or space bag out of sight. I like to organize first by item, then by color: blazers with blazers, blouses with blouses and so on - then color code. The more organizing you do now, the less you have to think about later! Below are some of my favorite closet gadgets to get the job done.

Smart Hangers

These are perfect for multiple pairs of pants or scarves. It's sleek, vertical storage designed for small spaces. Love 'em.

Shoe Stackers

Allow me to introduce the shoe-addicts in the room to the new love of their lives. These aren't clunky like canvas boxes or over-the-door shoe hangers. These are your excuse to go out and get a few more pairs (my apologies to all significant others).

Bag Organizers

Now there is the "bag in bag" method, which means to nest smaller bags in larger bags for tidier storage, but some of us have bags, on bags, on bags and could still use a little extra help. That's where these come in


I hope this has been a fun and entertaining way to tell you to go home and clean your rooms! It doesn't have to be hard. In fact, this kind of activity is great fun if you want to torture your kids on a sunny, Saturday afternoon! 

It nearly goes without saying that tidiness and real estate go together like peas and carrots, especially if you're looking to sell! If you're interested in making a change in 2019, give me a call. I'm here to help!

Thanks all, let's make it a great year!



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